Rabbi Deborah McKenzie

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About Rabbi Deborah

Rabbi Deborah McKenzie credits her strong Jewish foundation including love of Torah, family, and Tikkun Olam to the dedication of her parents. Some of her earliest memories of growing up include having daily Shacharit and Maariv services at their home in upstate New York. She considers her parents to be trail blazers for being Jews at a time when being African-American and Jewish was unique in African-American, Christian, and Jewish communities. Nevertheless, it is in living at the intersection of different perspectives that established multiple bridges of diversity that continue to shape and strengthen Rabbi Deborah's faith and spirituality.

She holds a Master degree in Chemistry and directs programs that validates and evaluates methodology to ensure food safety and security.  As a scientist, educator, and a facilitator for consensus building, Rabbi Deborah fulfilled her childhood dream to become a rabbi.  In 2015, she honored her father's memory when she was ordained through the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (JSLI), the rabbinical seminary of Congregation Sim Shalom, a global online based synagogue and home of Jewish Universalism.
Rabbi Deborah is one of five rabbis live streaming Evening Services (Ma 'ariv) for Congregation Sim Shalom Monday through Thursday, and Shabbat Services on Friday evenings.  It is said that she adds a special cavana (spiritual intention) and soulful flare to traditional services. Her words and teachings foster an intuitive approach to learning Torah and the wisdom of the sages that facilitates relevance in 21st century living across all ages.

Please join her on Monday evenings as she streams Evening Services (Ma'ariv) for Congregation Sim Shalom.